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Cycling training program

A customised cycling training program will ensure your efforts won’t be boring or a chore. Depending on the choice of your route and its topography, you can work on your strength, speed or intensity. During the remaining sessions you can, of course, just roll long but, if you want to achieve your goals, it will require some effort on your part. My advice will therefore depend entirely on your objectives, the time you can commit to training and the current state of your fitness.

Before you start cycling, it’s a good idea to establish the state of your health. Undertake a compulsory medical. Cycling has a huge impact on your heart, blood vessels and muscles.

I recommend using a calendar that will be your «dashboard». You will not only know the number of hours spent on the bike, kilometers ridden but also your peaks of form.

Cycling is not only for professionals. Even if you’re just a «cyclist Sunday,» you can improve and take part in sportives and races in the appropriate categories. Following a well-structured cycling training program will enable you to see and measure your progress.

Ideally, follow a customised programme designed by a coach specialising in cycling training. In the free trial version of this programme, you will be given examples of training sessions for 10 days. In all of our programmes, you will find a range of specific exercises that will help you during your training rides.

As and when you feel you need further and more precise training, you should consider a customised programme designed specifically for you. It will be adapted to your individual capabilities, will consider your form, take into consideration the areas in which you specifically need to improve and adapt over time to become your personal training programme.

Cost of a customized cycling training programme:

— Test 10 days: free
— Individual training program (three weeks): 90 euros
— Individual training program + nutritional advice + regular feedback (three weeks): 140 euros